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By Charles Pugsley Fincher, A Spin-Off of
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I was moved by the images of everyday people risking their lives to vote in Iraq. It reminded me of those old western movies where the ordinary town folk finally decide to stand up the gang that's been bullying them. Who knows what will happen next, but those images have made WMD vanish from the radar (well, not for me, but...).

I think Karl Rove did what he's known to do -- throw the long ball -- and gave George W. Bush new message of spreading freedom and liberty that could have caused him to be mocked if the Iraqi went bad, but would significantly Bush's image if the election went well.

Rove is known to have set his sights on a legacy for him and Bush of a domination of the country by the Republican party. The objective behind lawsuit reform is to dry up contributions from one the Democratic Party's biggest contributors, trial lawyers. Demolishing Democrats came true under the duo in my home state of Texas. Maybe they'll disappear the Democratic Party now.


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