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Newest Scribble, below. Yesterday's Scribble, Archive: Bush explains his $82 billion supplemental emergency budget request.

CIA Director Porter Goss appears before Congress today. His appearance comes at a time that many in the CIA feel left hanging out there by the Bush administration over harsh interrogation methods used on terrorist detainees held in secret (don't expect him to go into that). Moreover, Alberto Gonzales and Michael Chertoff ducked for cover before the Senate and passed the buck on torture.

The dilemma is that the CIA is said to hold about 36 of these detainees that, for the most part, have no more information to give. However, no plans were made for what to do next. The line is that they're too dangerous to release, and can't have trials for security reasons.

Thus, the CIA is now holding aging terrorists of no use to it. What to do with them? Here, the CIA agent, whose face is scribbled out, suggests a somewhat severe retirement home for aging terrorists called Golden Years Terrorist Home.

For the story behind this Scribble satire, see the New York Times piece by Douglas Jehl.


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