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By Charles Pugsley Fincher, A Spin-Off of
Newest Scribble, below. Yesterday's Scribble, Archive: Bush denies his Iraq war is making the world more dangerous, but U.S. spooks disagree.

Here's a past Scribble starring Negroponte, and here's another Scribble where Cheney mentions Negroponte.

Yesterday, George W. Bush nominated John Negroponte to be the first national intelligence director. Currently, he's ambassador to Iraq, a position Bush previously appointed him to.

The stain that John Negroponte cannot get out of his favorite tie in this Scribble is his ambassadorship to Honduras under Ronald Reagan. That was the time of the Iran-Contra scandal and a time during which the so-called "Salvador Option" took place -- thus the title to this Scribble -- where allegedly death squads were used in Honduras. The Contras were fighting the Sandanistas in Nicaragua and were based in Honduras. Negroponte says there weren't any death squads. However, his critics say there clearly were death squads, but that Negroponte white-washed that over.

Below are two sides on Negroponte quoted from today's Houston Chronicle in a piece by Michael Hedges. Also, see this piece by Lisa J. Adams from the Associated Press in the Chronicle about Central Americans angered by Negroponte's appointment. The following is excerpted from the Chronicle:

Texas A&M president and former CIA director Robert Gates, said Negroponte "will bring great experience and expertise with respect to the needs of decision makers for quality intelligence."

But critics point to Negroponte's role in bloody conflicts 20 years ago in Honduras and Nicaragua as a blot on an otherwise remarkable career.

Some human rights groups claimed Negroponte, as ambassador to Honduras in the 1980s, looked the other way as death squads sought to suppress a left-wing insurgency.

"He is a capable, brilliant man (but) he has not always been willing to speak truth to power," said Robert White, the Carter administration ambassador to El Salvador. "That concerns me, considering it is the primary responsibility of this new job."


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