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By Charles Pugsley Fincher, A Spin-Off of
Newest Scribble, below. Yesterday's Scribble, Archive: Bush Europlomacy, Day 1: Belgium king, Nato's Jaap de Hoop, France's Chirac.

George W. Bush wants to mend fences with European leaders who in turn want to respond. This is driven by economics and security. It's where the idea of the Lone Ranger Bush and his Euro-Tontos sprang from.

Bush's speech in Brussels was received politely, but not enthusiastically. He used those simplistic, grand-vision phrases that he uses back in the U.S. which are all about him, his ego and his salesmanship. It's a sort of trust-me-to-decide what freedom is that allows Gitmo, secret C.I.A. prisons, the Patriot Act, but forbids medical marijuana, stem cell research, access to the courts, the right to die and a woman's right to choose. Moreover it's a freedom policy that doesn't apply to countries that are big, trading partners or that are too poor to matter.

New York Times, Washington Post


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