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Newest Scribble, below. Yesterday's Scribble, Archive: Condi Rice does stiletto diplomacy as a dominatrix diplomat. Here's another Scribble on extraordinary renditions of terror suspects to other countries.

The State Department's annual report on human rights came out on Monday (see New York Times, Washington Post). Many of the methods of torture cited matched those used by the United States under the Bush administration.  However, the report made no mention of American human rights violations. Other countries say that the United States has no standing to make such a report criticizing other countries given it's own abuses. Today's Scribble satirizes that irony that while reporting on human rights abuses, the U.S. engages in them.

Extraordinary renditions are where American agents abduct terrorist suspects and render them to another country where they won't be cloaked with American judicial system rights and likely will be tortured (see previous Scribble). I've read about the disaparados in Latin America -- Mick Jagger did a song mentioning them -- but I didn't think the U.S. would disappear people.

Bob Herbert had a moving opinion piece in Monday's New York Times on such a person. He was living in Canada when authorities there tipped off the Ashcroft Justice Department. Subsequently, he was abducted by American agents and rendered to Syria. After a year without rights and undergoing torture, the Syrians could find no connection to terror and sent him back to Canada. Herbert met with him and described him like many torture victims as a shell.


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