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At yesterday's news conference, George W. Bush discussed his nominee for ambassador to the U.N., John R. Bolton. Bush said that although Bolton is blunt, he himself is blunt -- giving rise to this Scribble take-off on the Blues Brothers as the Blunt Brothers. There's an arrogance about Bush's statement that is if he's that way then it must be good. It's a full-on arrogant syllogism by the president: Bush is blunt; Bush is good; Bolton is blunt; therefore Bolton is good.

New York Times: But he also made it clear that his fundamental conviction about how he conducts his presidency has not changed, and he defended Mr. Bolton's reputation for bluntness by saying, "Sometimes people say I'm a little too blunt." "John Bolton is a blunt guy," he said. "John Bolton can get the job done at the United Nations."


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