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Newest Scribble, below. Yesterday's Scribble, Archive: The Trial by Franz Kafka as a bedtime story about arresting material witnesses without charges.

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We may be hearing "how hard it is" from George W. Bush in tonight's speech to the nation. I was alerted to this yesterday in Dan Froomkin's Washington blog. Froomkin referenced Dana Milbank's story on the how-hard-it-is Bush rhetoric in Saturday's Washington
The Commander in Chief Furls 'Mission Accomplished'
By Dana Milbank
Saturday, June 25, 2005; A17

President Bush and his guest, Iraqi Prime Minister Ibrahim Jafari, reversed roles yesterday in the East Room. While the quiet Iraqi delivered a peppy sales pitch to the United States and spoke cheerfully of declining violence, the famously sunny president kept talking about how terribly rough things are.

It's "a difficult chore, and it's hard work" in Iraq, Bush asserted. "It's hard to stop suicide bombers, and it's hard to stop these people that, in many cases, are being smuggled into Iraq from outside Iraq. It's hard to stop them."

Bush alluded to high levels of difficulty no fewer than 19 times in his 33-minute appearance. The Iraqi government faces "monumental tasks," he said. "The way ahead is not going to be easy." In case somebody napped through that, he repeated: "It's difficult. . . . It's tough work, and it's hard."


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