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Newest Scribble, below. Yesterday's Scribble, Archive: Cowboy Bush lures terrorists to box canyon only to learn Iraq is not a box canyon.

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I tell you ... that George W. Bush and his buddy Karl Rove will co-opt practically anything as being something they brought about -- even stem cell research which they actually oppose. Take democracy for example. By proclaiming that Bush is for democracy any democratic movement is now in danger of being said to be the result of Bush's proclamation the he's pro-democracy. Demonstrators in the Middle East are actually explaining, at times, that they are not protesting for democracy because of Bush but because of their own beliefs.

Bush spoke to us last Tuesday night -- or as it turns out a small group of us as most people didn't tune in. He tried to link himself to our support for the troops. I don't find it a difficult endeavor at all to support our troops but not Bush and company. I'll be flying my flag on the Fourth in support of our troops and our independence, but not in support of Bush.


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