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Newest Scribble, below. Yesterday's Scribble, Archive: LBJ shows Bush the ghosts of anti-war movements past gaining traction since he doesn't take the Sheehan protest seriously.

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On Sunday, however, negotiators said they were still stuck on those issues, while secular-minded Kurds were grumbling about apparent U.S. concessions to ruling Shi'ites that they said could turn Iraq into an Islamic state.

From, "Informed Consent":

Dexter Filkins of the NYT reveals some of the details about which the constitution drafting committee has been arguing. One is whether clerics will sit on the Supreme Court (they do in Afghanistan). Apparently one plan would give them 4 of 9 seats. You can only imagine what US law would look like if 4 of the Supreme Court seats were set aside for Cardinals and televangelists. We'd all have 12 kids and they would be taught "intelligent design" in state schools ...

Doug Ireland covers how the US media covered the story that the Bush administration acquiesced in enshrining Islamic canon law in the Iraqi constitution.

What is amazing to me is that no one has brought up the issue of commercial law. Islamic law has three parts: 1) ritual acts and personal status (`ibadat or what the human individual owes to God) 2) commerce and other human interactions (mu`amalat or what human beings owe each other); and 3) government regulations beyond the text of revealed law (as-siyasah ash-Shar`iyyah or public law).


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