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The two women in today's Scribble are Cindy Sheehan -- the peaceMOMger and Tammy Pruett -- the WarMOMger. From

Bush Invokes Military Mother to Defend War
Quoting a woman with a husband and five sons who have served in Iraq, he says the cause is worth the loss of lives.
By Peter Wallsten
Times Staff Writer
August 25, 2005

NAMPA, Idaho — Borrowing the words of a military mother whose husband and five sons have served in Iraq, President Bush told thousands of soldiers and airmen Wednesday that winning the war was worth the sacrifice of losing lives.

By invoking Tammy Pruett of Pocatello, Idaho, Bush's speech to Idaho National Guard members and Air Force personnel marked the latest effort by the White House to respond to growing antiwar protests being led largely by relatives of fallen troops....

It was a moment that underscored the growing reliance on symbolism by both sides in the struggle for public opinion, a struggle that surveys show the White House has been losing in recent weeks.

Even some prominent Republicans have criticized Bush and drawn parallels between Iraq and Vietnam. GOP strategists are worried that the war's mounting death toll could hurt their candidates in the 2006 and 2008 elections should the United States continue to maintain a large presence in Iraq.

The most prominent of the antiwar activists is Cindy Sheehan, the Vacaville, Calif., woman whose son, Army Spc. Casey Sheehan, died in Iraq in 2004. On Aug. 6, she set up a protest encampment near Bush's ranch outside Crawford, Texas, saying that she would remain there until she met with the president face to face or until he returned to Washington in early September.


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