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November 13, 2005
Bush Didn't Mislead on War, Adviser Says
Filed at 10:16 p.m. ET

WASHINGTON (AP) -- While admitting ''we were wrong'' about Iraq's weapons of mass destruction, President Bush's national security adviser on Sunday rejected assertions that the president manipulated intelligence and misled the American people.

...Hadley said Bush received dissenting views about the accuracy of intelligence and relied on the collective judgment of the intelligence community as conveyed by the CIA director. The national security adviser criticized those who continue to claim that Bush manipulated the intelligence and made misleading statements.

''It is unworthy and unfair and ill-advised, when our men and women in combat are putting their lives on the line, to relitigate an issue which was looked at by two authoritative sources and deemed closed,'' he said. ''We need to put this debate behind us.''

...''Turns out, we were wrong,'' Hadley told ''Late Edition'' on CNN. ''But I think the point that needs to be emphasized ... allegations now that the president somehow manipulated intelligence, somehow misled the American people, are flat wrong.''


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