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Padilla Is Indicted on Terrorism Charges
No Mention Made Of 'Dirty Bomb' Plot
By Dan Eggen
Washington Post Staff Writer
Wednesday, November 23, 2005; A01

Jose Padilla, the alleged "dirty bomber" who has been at the center of fierce legal and political struggles for more than three years, has been indicted on charges that he conspired to murder individuals overseas and provide support for terrorists, according to federal court documents unsealed yesterday.

The indictment abruptly moves Padilla's case out of the shadows of his confinement in a U.S. Navy brig in South Carolina, where the Brooklyn-born former gang member has been held since President Bush declared him an enemy combatant in 2002. The indictment, handed up by a federal grand jury in Miami last week, names four other defendants.

The Bush administration hopes that the indictment will effectively derail the possibility of an adverse ruling from the Supreme Court in the Padilla case, which could decide to limit the government's ability to detain U.S. citizens as enemy combatants.

..."The indictment alleges that Padilla traveled overseas to train as a terrorist with the intention of fighting in violent jihad," Attorney General Alberto R. Gonzales said at a news conference in Washington. "Those trained as terrorists engage in acts of physical violence such as murder, maiming, kidnapping and hostage-taking against innocent civilians."

The new charges rely on evidence gathered separately from Padilla's confinement and interrogation in military custody, meaning the government does not have to worry about the admissibility of such evidence in civilian courts, Justice officials said


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