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December 10, 2005
Bush Likens Iraqi Action to Transition in 40's Japan

MINNEAPOLIS, Dec. 9 - President Bush suggested Friday that history will vindicate his decision to invade Iraq, saying he believed that a half century from now, it will be regarded as important a transition for the world as the democratization of Japan was after World War II.

"I'm absolutely convinced that some day, 50 or 60 years from now, an American president will be speaking to an audience saying, 'Thank goodness a generation of Americans rose to the challenge and helped people be liberated from tyranny,' " Mr. Bush said. " 'Democracy spread and the world is more peaceful for it.' "

He spoke at a fund-raiser here expected to raise about a million dollars for Representative Mark Kennedy, a Republican running for the Senate in a state Mr. Bush has lost in two successive elections.

...Many outside experts and even some of Mr. Bush's own aides question his reliance on the comparison, noting that Japan was a unified state before World War II, but that Iraq has always been divided along religious and regional lines.

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Bush in the Bubble
By Evan Thomas and Richard Wolffe

He has a tight circle of trust, and he likes it that way. But members of both parties are urging Bush to reach beyond the White House walls. How he governs—and how his M.O. stacks up historically.


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