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Defending a Program and His Reputation

WASHINGTON, Feb. 4 — A year ago, Alberto R. Gonzales sat before the Senate Judiciary Committee as the Bush administration's nominee for attorney general and a potential candidate for the Supreme Court. He will return on Monday in dramatically different circumstances, testifying as the chief legal defender of a domestic eavesdropping operation that has touched off a stormy debate over its legality.

Mr. Gonzales, a former Texas judge who, as White House counsel, provided legal support for the program of surveillance without warrants, is scheduled to be the sole witness before a panel led by Senator Arlen Specter of Pennsylvania, a Republican who has made clear his skepticism about the administration's legal rationale.

...Mr. Gonzales's credibility is especially suspect among Democrats. Senator Russell D. Feingold of Wisconsin, a member of the Judiciary Committee, is angry over a response from Mr. Gonzales during his confirmation hearing when Mr. Feingold asked, "Does the president, in your opinion, have the authority, acting as commander in chief, to authorize warrantless searches of Americans' homes and wiretaps of their conversations in violation of the criminal and foreign intelligence surveillance statutes of this country?"

At the time, the spy program was well under way. Mr. Gonzales denied that the administration was engaged in anything illegal and said, "So what we're really discussing is a hypothetical situation."


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