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fier Cheney


White House Report Advises Revamping Disaster Response

WASHINGTON, Feb. 22 — The nation must revamp the way it responds to major disasters or terrorist attacks, according to a new White House report that calls for more stockpiling of emergency supplies, a better-defined role for the military and a more concerted push to evacuate hospitals and nursing homes.

The report, prepared by Frances Fragos Townsend, President Bush's domestic security adviser, and scheduled to be officially released Thursday, does not advocate removing the Federal Emergency Management Agency from the Department of Homeland Security, which some members of Congress have urged, officials said Wednesday.


February 23, 2006
News Analysis
Big Problem, Dubai Deal or Not

WASHINGTON, Feb. 22 — ...Among other battles playing out are whether the Bush administration is spending enough money on port security and whether it is focusing its energies on the right problems.

Another is whether the White House's case on port security is harmed by the fact that the major player is the Department of Homeland Security, whose failures after Hurricane Katrina will be the centerpiece on Thursday of a White House-directed report on "lessons learned" from the multiple failures in the devastation of New Orleans.


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