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I'd missed this Newsweek Web story that was published on January 8th, but ran across it on The News Writer's blog.

U.S. Ambassador to Iraq John Negroponte called Newsweek to say his name had been mentioned in a current story gratuitously, and that he has nothing to do with military affairs. The Newsweek piece reports that the Pentagon is discussing "the Salvador option" for Iraq. That's where paramilitary squads kidnap and kill people who support the opposition. Moreover, innocent people get killed by the death squads. Newseek published its Web piece on January 8th, but then added Negroponte's claim that he was gratuitously included in the story on January 10th after he called the magazine.

"The Salvador option" got its name from being used in El Salvador and Honduras during the 1980s. It occurred during the time that Negroponte was ambassador to Honduras under Ronald Reagan which also was the time of the Iran-Contra scandal relating to the U.S. involvement against the government of Nicaragua.

The Allawi regime in Iraq is reported in the Newsweek article to be anxious to implement "the Salvador option." This might include raids into Syria to snatch Sunnis who purportedly support insurgents.

The syllogism is that Negroponte was ambassador to Honduras during "the Salvador option." "The Salvador option" is now being considered for Iraq. Negroponte is ambassador to Iraq. Therefore, Negroponte is in on "the Salvador Option" for Iraq.


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