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Saudi Arabian Prince Bandar was briefed by Cheney and Rumsfeld on plan for the Iraq war according to Bob Woodward's book, "Plan of Attack," before Colin Powell was brought into the loop. Bandar asked if Saddam would really be out, and Cheney replied, "He's toast." Powell described Cheney in the book as in a "fever" for Iraq. Woodward has Powell calling a Cheney ally's office the "Gestapo office." 04.21.04
Federal Reserve Chairman Alan Greenspan testified before the Senat Banking Committee on Tuesday. He scared the hell out of the markets with his positive dialogue because of the chance that he's going to allow interest rates to rise.

When I saw the tape of Greenspan testifying all I could see were those huge, old-man glasses. No head, no face, just those huge glasses. 04.21.04
Watching TV today, I noticed that Condi's hairstyle is changing. The flip is getting bigger.
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