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In a Saturday New York Times story, Dexter Filkins reported that Maj. Gen. Geoffrey D. Miller "... said he has no plans to close the facility [Abu Ghraib prison] and defended his strategy to have prison guards help prepare detainees from interrogation, a recommendation he made just before the worst of the abuses of prisoners occurred."

However, the piece continues, "... Miller, the chief of interrogations and detentions in Iraq, said a series of recommendations he made after a tour of the prison last summer had played no role in the later abuse and humiliation of prisoners by U.S. guards." Filkins notes that Miller's assurances came the day after Donald Rumsfeld apologized before Congress for the torture of prisoners [Rummy doesn't call it torture].

In a Sunday story in the New York Times, Scott Wilson and Sewell Chan report that Brig. Gen., Janis L. Karpinski, who was relieved of her command at Abu Ghraib prison, said that Miller "... came up there and told me he was going to 'Gitmoize' the detention operation."

Filkins' writes that the Taguba Report " ... criticized Miller's recommendations, saying that allowing guards to 'set conditions' for the interrogations would 'clearly run counter to the smooth operation of a detention facility.' " However, Filkins notes that the report " ... left unanswered whether Miller's recommendation about the prison guards [softening up prisoners for interrogation] had been officially adopted, but it said the guards had begun to prepare prisoners for interrogations."

Miller recently said he was ending the practice of hoods on prisoners in favor of pressure bandages or goggles effectively because it looks better. He didn't say if interrogators would wear hoods. 05.10.04

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