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The Abu Ghraib scandal grows and the Bushies desperately rally around a wounded Donald Rumsfeld. They make up excuses about why he cannot be removed regardless of his doing a bad job that are related to why they say we're supposed to all vote for Dubya -- i.e., to do otherwise would send a message to terrorists that they win (hints of treason for disagreeing).

Tonight on "Hardball," Chris Matthews revealed information about Rummy being a micro-manager including demanding that he sign off on the serious torture at Gitmo. That shows an ill mind. Moreover, Brig. Gen. Mark Kimmit told him that torture orders came from top levels.

Rummy is not well-liked by the military. I'm not sure he's liked at all as one of his techniques is to insult you during your first meeting with him. This is the guy who wouldn't listen to the career military guys like Gen. Eric Shinseki who said hundreds of thousands of troops would be needed for the occupation of Iraq. Later, Shinseki was snubbed by the civilians at the defense department when he retired for disagreeing with Rummy.

Maj. Gen. Antonio M. Taguba testifies before a senate committee today. Ironically, he worked for Gen. Shinseki, the guy who was right about troop force in Iraq. 05.11.04

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