By Charles Pugsley Fincher, A Spin-Off of

George W. Bush has proclaimed himself the "war president." Or, Karl Rove has, anyway. With the way Iraq has been going, their war-president campaign had some Bushies scared. But, Bush is getting confident with the selection of the caretaker government in Iraq.

Tuesday, he went to Colorado to raise money for the Republican party. Moreover, he's there to win votes. His campaigning includes delivering a speech at the Air Force Academy today.

Bush cynically attempts to aggrandize himself by mentioning World War II and his nutty neocons' plans for the Middle East in the same breath. Four-hundred thousand Americans died in World War II defending America in a definitely non-elective war, but one that was foisted on them. Too bad Bush doesn't read, or he might have learned some history. 06.02.04

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