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Today's Washington Post reports a new Washington Post-ABC News poll. Kerry beats Bush in a three-way race including Nader. Interesting is that Kerry is perceived, for the first time and better able to deal with terrorism than Bush.

But, of interest to this cartoon is that most people polled thought that Kerry is more honest and trustworthy than Bush. "But by 52 percent to 39 percent, Kerry is seen as more honest and trustworthy -- a troubling finding for Bush, whose truthfulness before the war in Iraq has been called into question," according the news story.

Bush comes across to me as one of those TV evangelists waiting for a fall. I hear him claim that he has a license on God, but sense a moral vacuum in the man. A friend of mine in a charismatic group told me that one holier-than-thou female had begun to bug people. She would see others and say, "I'm praying for you." He said to me sarcastically, "She ought to go pray for herself." Bush strikes me as having that kind of moral shallowness where being religious amounts to proclaiming a faith in God while you go fuck over others for your own gain. 06.22.04

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