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It's all over the front pages today. The Bush administration released torture-related documents in a public relations effort that comes shortly after the poor polls for Bush released yesterday by the Washington Post and ABC.

I found the stories a little difficult to assess. Moreover, it was a selective, partial release of some of the government documents relating generally to the torture scandal the administration is embroiled in.

What struck me as humorous was a handwritten, margin note by Donald Rumsfeld on one of the released documents asking why prisoners were limited to four hours of standing as a stress position when Rumsfeld stands for eight to ten hours a day while working at his stand-up desk. I suspect Rumsfeld's environment is a bit better than most prisoners of war.

Otherwise, the cartoon's satire plays off what Bush, Gonzales and Ashcroft (Justice) have said or written in relation to the torture of prisoners. 06.23.04

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