By Charles Pugsley Fincher, A Spin-Off of

Karl Rove built a campaign around George W. Bush being the "war president." He obviously didn't expect Abu Ghraib, the insurgency, the Senate Intelligence Committee's Report and that no W.M.D. would be found.

Now they're giving Bush a new position to be rabidly against gay marriage. The real push for a constitutional amendment banning gay marriage began last week. The Bush team wants to force John Kerry and John Edwards to a vote against the amendment banning gay marriage on Wednesday of this week.

The amendment is not expected to pass. Even if it did, it would have to make the rounds of all the individual states seeking approval long after the election. So in the end, it's a show position to try to firm up the evangelical vote for Bush which has been restless over his failure to take on gay marriage. Rove believes that fervent, single-interest constituencies can win elections. 07.12.04

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