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Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld has become the invisible man. Remember when he was everywhere? No more. There were two news stories over the weekend about Rumsfeld's invisibility.

Speculation is that the Bush team doesn't want Rumsfeld out front anymore. He's admitted to violating the Geneva Conventions when he said he had kept some prisoners off the registry in Iraq at the request of George Tenet -- so-called ghost detainees. Some wonder why he hasn't been prosecuted or called on the carpet for this. Moreover, he was involved in authorizing excessive interrogation methods at Gitmo, later rescinding them.

After being a Bush administration star in the early years, Rumsfeld seems to say the wrong thing when he opens his mouth in public now. He was the witness who testified before a congressional committee on the day of the CBS 60 Minutes II show that broke the Abu Ghraib photo scandal. Rumsfeld had known about it, but failed to say anything leaving members of the committee feeling angry that they were left to learn about the prison photos from CBS.

Rumsfeld seems like an out-of-touch, old guy, right now. 07.19.04

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