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Scroll down for two cartoons today.

Teresa Heinz Kerry told the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review's editorial page editor to "shove it" after he questioned her repeatedly about what she meant by "un-American" (The Tribune-Review is an ultra-right-wing paper). By last night some cable-news pundits were saying that it wasn't ladylike for Heinz Kerry to say "shove it." Whoa. I've thought that George W. Bush and Laura have tried to lead us back to the 1950s when women had to took a backseat to men. Are we there now?

The same commentators thought it was just fine for Dick Cheney to say "go fuck yourself." All papers can print "shove it," while only the Washington Post printed "go fuck yourself." Regardless, I don't know about you, but I hear this sort of language from people all the time, so big deal other than the fun of gossiping about it.

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