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Yesterday speaking at a Pennsylvania medical association which had endorsed her husband, Laura Bush explained George W. Bush's stem cell research policy.

Without a hint of irony, the First Lady instructed that we must consider the ethical and moral side of stem cell research and not simply dash into the research. I don't remember ever hearing her speaking out against, say, killing thousands of innocent civilians in Iraq. However, she pities the poor 5-day-old blastocysts in a petri dish upon which research might alleviate Parkinsons, diabetes and Alzheimer's. Moreover, she speaks of morals and ethics when the real reason for her and her husband's position is that they need the anti-abortion vote.

I watched my mother die of Alzheimer's and favor stem cell research to its fullest. While we don't know what the yield will exactly be, the scientific community says it's a chance for hope with many destructive diseases. I've done several cartoons on this subject, the first a Daily Scribble, the others in my other project Thadeus & Weez: Dubya Does Science; Bush Restrictions on Stem Cell Research; Bush Says Morals Prevent Growing Life to Destroy It; Bush Distorting Science; Science from Staying at a Holiday Inn; 08.10.04

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