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This really took place on Larry King Live last night -- well, except for the literal choke chain and the talking stem cell. All dialogue in quotes is taken from the transcript of the show. I was surprised by the interview as it seemed like Laura Bush was wandering off the ranch on stem cell research when George W. Bush would butt in and herd her back. King returned to the question of morality, but with the intrusions from Dubya he got off track. It left me wondering if she truly is for any restrictions on stem cell research as Bush followers believe.  

Earlier this week, Laura sounded like she was squarely against new lines of stem cells and federal funding for them. But, see today's Washington Post column by Richard Cohen trying to figure out what she really said earlier in the week and what her views are on full-on stem-cell research. In sum, Cohen writes that her speech in Pennsylvania was so muddled that one couldn't tell what her position on stem-cell research is. 08.13.04

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