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The Schlesinger panel report is out. This is the four-member panel headed by James Schlesinger and appointed by Donald Rumsfeld. The panel found mistakes on Iraq all around meandering from Pentagon military types, to field commanders in Iraq, to Central Command to the depraved night shift at Abu Ghraib. But, it also faulted Rumsfeld as the person in charge -- often not referring to him by name but instead as the office of the Secretary of Defense. Still, the panel recommended against calling for Rumsfeld's resignation. A couple of early analyses are out, one in the New York Times titled "A Trail of 'Major Failures' Leads to Defense Secretary's Office," and the and the other in the Washington Post titled "Rumsfeld's War Plan Shares the Blame." Here's how the Washington Post summarized it in an analysis by Thomas E. Ricks:

"The panel's finding do, however, provide new support for two central criticisms of the Rumsfeld team's approach in Iraq last year: that the invasion plan called for too few troops, half as many as were used in the 1991 Persian Gulf War, and that the Pentagon failed to plan smartly for occupying the country after the United States defeated the Iraqi military." 08.25.04

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