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Today's New York Times has a story by Elisabeth Bumiller that reports on a George W. Bush interview with Matt Lauer on NBC's "Today" shown on television on Monday. In it she writes how Bush told Lauer, "I don't think you can win it [the war on terrorism]."

Monday evening, Rudy Giuliani delivered a speech at the Republican convention. In that speech, Giuliani said Bush is "a president who, in Giuliani's words, would have the United States 'lead, rather than follow' in the global war to defeat terrorists," according to the Washington Post in a report by Dan Balz. (The first Washington Post report on the speech wrote about Giuliani referring to Bush's "determined effort to defeat global terrorism.") Also in the speech, Giuliani compared Bush to Winston Churchill per a news piece. reports today that Rudy Giuliani acknowledges that, "[d]espite his support for Bush, Giuliani has acknowledged disagreements with his party over abortion, same-sex unions, gun control and stem-cell research." 08.31.04

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