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The issue of George W. Bush's National Guard service has broken wide open once again. There are questions about how he got into the Guard: Former Texas Lt. Gov.
Ben Barnes said on CBS "60 Minutes" that he got him in because of Bush's father.

About how he got out of the guard: A Boston Globe story says he didn't fulfill his guard obligations by reason of not seeking a unit in which to serve during his stint at Harvard.

About whether he showed up for duty in Alabama: The Texans for Truth ad says he didn't (this name makes me smile because it sounds so much like the parody sites of the Swift Boat Veterans for Truth).

And possibly most damaging to his present position -- as pointed out at Talking Points Memo by Joshua Mica Marshall: Whether or not Bush has covered up any of this during the last decade and while he has been president. This gets around the fact that most of us don't care much what happened some 30 years ago and makes the issue one of the present instead of past.

In closing a thanks to my girlfriend, Dana Allison, who in response to my talking about this situation during a jog blurted out that she guessed they could call up Bush for active duty to finish his tour. 09.09.04

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