By Charles Pugsley Fincher, A Spin-Off of

George W. Bush addresses the United Nations today. Remember that organization he and Cheney mock in their campaign. The same U.N. he said was at risk of becoming irrelevant. He's expected to get a polite, but unenthusiastic reception. What he hopes for is a bounce in the election campaign from his appearance as a world leader.

From Reuters: "Bush's U.N. speech will be a mixture of talking up his hopes for success in Iraq and Afghanistan -- where a struggle is taking place to hold elections on Oct. 9 -- and emphasizing U.S. efforts to assist the global fight against AIDS, hunger, illiteracy and poverty."

I wanted to draw Dan Rather with a black eye, the black eye being the CBS logo. However, my guess is that every editorial cartoonist in the nation will do so, thus I moved on and let it go.

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