By Charles Pugsley Fincher, A Spin-Off of

The debate between the candidates for vice president is history. Dick Cheney and John Edwards went toe-to-toe from seated positions. Partisans are each declaring their side the winner. Neither Cheney nor Edwards screwed up like Bush did last week. I scored it close but in Edward's favor. No surprise -- Right? concluded that uncommitted voters believe Edwards had won: "Forty-one percent of these uncommitted debate watchers said Edwards won the encounter, while 28 percent chose Vice President Dick Cheney. Another 31 percent thought it was a tie." But as to committed registered voters, said that the ones who watched the debate -- most were Republican -- scored it for Cheney. And then on television, Chris Matthews exuberantly declared, immediately as the debated ended, that Cheney had won. I thought he bullied any hesitant person on his panel to agree with him -- wussies.


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