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The above exchange between debate moderator Charlie Gibson and George W. Bush took place during presidential debate two last Friday in St. Louis. This is the real dialogue except, of course, for the "blah, blah, blah" in the next-to-the-last frame and the very last frame showing what Gibson should have thought.

Here's the link to that dialogue in the New York Time's transcript of the debate. See the bottom of the transcript page 7 and the top of page 8.

When Bush brushed Gibson aside despite the debate rules, it reminded me of how Bush treated the U.N. over Iraq. He tried to use the U.N. to his benefit, but when he didn't get all that he wanted he went ahead with the invasion of Iraq without the U.N.

I scored debate two closer than Bush's implosion at debate one, but again for Kerry because of his superior ability to articulate his points clearly and his stronger and more gathered presence. Bush seemed to over-compensate for his loss in debate one by yelling segments of his stump speech, name-calling and jumping off his stool agressively.

Note: For anyone who saw the original drawing, yes it did have a reference to the rumors of Bush's wire in his ear. I decided to remove it when I clarified the cartoon to focus on the exchange between Bush and Gibson because it distracted from that.

Done originally on 10.09.04, but revised on 10.11.04.

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