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The final and third presidential debate between John Kerry and George W. Bush is history. Kerry was in command from the start, though I did think Bush improved at the end with the squishy questions about wives and faith -- his type of areas. Score it win three for Kerry.

I disliked the first and last questions asked by moderator Bob Schieffer. The first question was about the nation's ability to return to safety. The nation wasn't safe during the Civil War, WWI, WWII, or for much of the Cold War. Unfortunately, life isn't safe and Schieffer has lived through enough to know that.

The final question had to do with strong wives and Schieffer included his own wife in a folksy, but superfluous manner. He isn't running for president. It wasted the precious little time we have to see them share the same stage. Otherwise, Schieffer did a good job.


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