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In debate three, John Kerry mentioned that Mary Cheney -- daughter of Lynne Cheney and Dick Cheney -- is gay. Mary is openly gay with a lesbian partner. She works in her father's campaign. The subject of Mary's being gay came up also in the vice-presidential debates. Dick Cheney thanked John Edwards for his positive words about Mary.

My how things changed since that debate. This time Lynne Cheney was immediately indignant. By the next day, Dick Cheney was indignant. These are two political people. They're keeping Mary in the spotlight by continuing to talk about her while acting indignant. In the end they are now using their daugher's lesbianism in the campaign.

But what's to be indignant about. Mary Cheney is openly gay. Are her parents embarrassed by it? She's clearly not. So, what's the difference between saying that Mary is gay and that she has brown hair? Regardless of Kerry and Edwards disclosing her lesbianism -- maybe to show evangelicals that Cheney is not one of them -- in public forums forces an openness in discussions of homosexuality, a positive acceptance of it as a part of the nation.


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