By Charles Pugsley Fincher, A Spin-Off of

Jordanian-born terrorist, Al-Zaqarwi, now in Iraq, overnight swore his allegiance to Osama bin Laden and Al Qaeda. Several matters arise. First, he is under intense pressure from the U.S. military's assault on Falluja. He reportedly has previously been rebuffed by bin Laden. Is this a desperate act to get recruits? Was his oath of allegiance mutual or a unilateral one in hopes of getting an influx of help?

Zarqawi, a former video clerk, has a huge ego and has seen himself formerly as a rival of bin Laden. The embrace seems to discount, yet again, Dick Cheney's claim of an Iraq-Al Qaeda connection previous to this oath of allegiance. Regardless, Dick Cheney finally has someone claiming to be a part of Al Qaeda in Iraq. Expect the spin.


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