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I couldn't find one thing I wanted to devote the whole Scribble to, so here are bits and pieces and disconnects.

The quotes from Bush and Ashcroft in frames one and two are real. Here's what Bush said as reported by the New York Times:

"Mr. Bush, campaigning just 85 miles away here in a state [Iowa] where the race appears as closely contested as it is nationally, responded with equally strong language, saying of Mr. Kerry, 'You can't win a war when you don't believe you're fighting one.' "

I'm guessing that Ashcroft inflected his statement in frame two of the Scribble so as to compare peacetime to wartime standards, but since he didn't use the conditional "would be impressive by peacetime standards" it reads like it he thinks we're in a time of peace. But with Ashcroft, who knows, maybe he does. Regardless, there's fun irony here. Here's Ashcroft's quote as reported by the New York Times also on October 20:

"While Mr. Cheney stumped on the terrorism issue in Ohio, Attorney General John Ashcroft suggested in a speech before the United Sates Chamber of Commerce in Washington that Providence was partly responsible for the United States' freedom from another attack since Sept. 11, 2001.

" 'For three years, our nation has been blessed,' Mr. Ashcroft said. 'But the hand of Providence has been assisted by the dedicated men and women of the Department of Justice. In three years, we have compiled a record of achievement that is impressive by peacetime standards.' "

Here's a CNN link for the Pat Robertson story where he said that he told Bush to prepare for problems with Iraq because God had warned him. Bush told him he didn't expect casualties.

The Drudge Report carried a Yahoo news report of the first story I saw about Cheney getting a flu shot. Bush had said he wasn't getting one and that healthy people should forgoe them so the infirm can get them. A Reuters report wrote that Bush would not get a flu shot.

Here's a Washington Post story about Teresa Heinz Kerry saying Laura Bush never had a real job and then apologizing. It's an amusing read.

National Security Adviser Condoleeza Rice has raised eyebrows by campaigning. It's unusaly for the security adviser to do, and among that breed, she has set the record. According the this CNN report, the Bush team claim she's not campaigning.

Finally, this from the Atlantic Monthly for the Karl Rove frame: "Karl Rove is at his most formidable when running close races, and his skills would be notable even if he used no extreme methods. But he does use them. His campaign history shows his willingness, when challenged, to employ savage tactics."


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