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Dick Cheney calls Iraq a "remarkable success story." Iraq's interim prime minister, Ayad Allawi, basically accused U.S. troops of "gross negligence" in the execution of the Iraqi troops by insurgents. I think Dick Cheney sits on a park bench with the tooth fairy late at night discussing campaign strategy obliquely. In case you don't know who John Negroponte is, he's the political-street-fighter ambassador to Iraq with an over-aggressive background in Central America.

However, the quote that I had most fun reading over night -- but not in this cartoon -- is from an MSNBC story "7 Days to Go, Bush, Kerry Spar." The story cites to the "Reuters/Zombie" poll instead of the Reuters/Zogby poll. Here's the link the Reuters/Zombie poll, though it's probably been cleaned up by now. See the last section near the bottom titled: "Latest Tracking Poll." There's absolutely no significance here, but some fun near Halloween ... Zombies, that is.


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