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Is Dick Cheney the real Daddy Warbucks? That's his Halloween costume in this Scribble next to Lynne as Little Orphan Annie.

Bunnatine Greenhouse's story made the news today. She's the Army Corps of Engineers' contract person responsible for competitive bidding who wants whistle-blower protection for her claims about the no-bid contracts the Army made with Halliburton. She objected to Halliburton's no-bid five-year contract to restore the oil system in Iraq.

Greenhouse thought that in light of the impending invasion, a one-year contract would be appropriate, but that then it should be let out for bids. A very savvy gal, she wrote by her signature on the contract as a protest: “I caution that extending this sole-source effort beyond a one-year period could convey an invalid perception that there is not strong intent for a limited competition," according to a AP report on

She was told by a major general to quit writing the extra stuff or face being demoted. Greenhouse got mad took the story is public. Now, the FBI has begun an investigation. It is unclear whether the investigation is into both the no-bid contract and the alleged inflated oil prices charged by Halliburton to the Army in Iraq or to both. An unexplained reference in one of the stories about the matter mentions an e-mail that states that the no-bid matter was coordinated out of Dick Cheney's office.

On one of the cable news shows last night were pundits from The Weekly Standard and The Hotline. It was actually one where no one was shouting. The Standard guy said that it was unfair to link Cheney to Halliburton since all he's getting now is deferred compensation. The Hotline guy replied that it was like linking John Edwards to all trial lawyers in the nation saying that all of this was just politics. The Standard guy agreed.


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