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We all saw the National Basketball Association [N.B.A.] brawl over the weekend that started with shoving between the Indiana Pacers and the Detroit Pistons. I saw it over and over and over again. I was like everyone else who watched it -- Wow, look at that punch ... lemme see it again. I know the league has to get control, but I'm not able to get into the gravitas of the TV guys talking about it. The fans asked for it, the players asked for it, and besides these are huge, talented, athletic guys on steroids paid millions to be aggressive. Moreover, you know that the fans who were on TV during the fight are gleefully talking about it in bars -- Hey, didya see me shove that big guy? -- and their relatives are all taping it for the family. Here's the New York Times story on the N.B.A. brawl.

But the brawls didn't stop there. In Santiago Chile over the weekend the Bush team had its own at the Asian Pacific Economic Conference [A.P.E.C.]. George W. Bush's Secret Service people were stopped by Chilean police when they tried to enter an official dinner. A brawl between the two followed. Bush discovered he was without them and shoved his way into the melee and brought out one of his top Secret Service guys. Chilean police started to push him around, too, but recognized him and laid off. Bush is said to have swaggered back into the banquet hall smirking with his Secret Service man in tow. I feel about the same about this as I do about the N.B.A. brawl -- I wanna see the tapes, damn it. Still, maybe Bush will be suspended for a few diplomatic trips and we'll have someone reasonable like Colin Powell to represent us. Here are links to the A.P.E.C. brawl reports: Washington Post, New York Times and CNN.


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