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The Illustrated Daily Scribble is an ultra-current blog of my raw sketches about the day's news drawn on legal pads. I'll post new material here Monday through Friday. Yesterday's cartoon is now in the archive: How the mystery provisions on tax spying got added to the Omnibus Spending Bill.

CBS anchor Dan Rather announced Tuesday that he would resign in March. He's known for his excessive colloquialisms that some call "Rather Blathers." On election night this year, Rather went overboard with colloquialisms. Eventually, his cohorts joined in with the colloquialisms, and I was in stitches watching these sophisticated suits saying countrified sayings.

NBC anchor Tom Brokaw resigns next week. According to Rather, he timed his resignation with the end of the election cycle. But, his contract goes into 2006. Noteworthy is that the report on the flawed report on the National Guard memos is due out in a couple of weeks. Regardless of the motives, Rather sort of scooped Brokaw's resignation with his own.

Rather became anchor 24 years ago when America's anchor Walter Cronkite retired. I identified with Rather when he was a reporter on Cronkite's news show. He had long sideburns like I did, and it made him seem cool (I'm a very deep person).

I remember when he was doubled over on the floor of the 1968 Democratic convention in Chicago. He told Cronkite who was up in the CBS broadcast booth that he'd been slugged in the stomach by Mayor Daley's henchmen. I was thrilled at the live action. Cronkite had an un-Cronkite outburst and angrily said that he thought there were a bunch of "thugs" down there. Political conventions were far more interesting then.

However, news delivery changed dramatically. The last time I remember watching Rather and CBS news with any regularity was when Rather and President George H. W. Bush had a very tense remote interview.


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