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By Charles Pugsley Fincher, A Spin-Off of ThadeusandWeez.com
The Illustrated Daily Scribble is an ultra-current blog of my raw sketches about the day's news drawn on legal pads. I'll post new material here Monday through Friday. [ Archive ] [ Home Page with Newest Scribble ]

I got the factual background for this Scribble from Howard Fineman's article on Karl Rove in the current NewsWeek. Here are two segments from the Fineman piece:

"Indeed they do. One thing Rove will be up to, he made clear in a NEWSWEEK interview, is involvement of some kind in the race for the next Republican presidential nomination. Meeting with reporters only days after the election, he seemed to count himself out. 'And 2008 is going to be left to someone who has a little bit more energy and interest than me," he said then. 'This will be the last presidential campaign I will ever do.' Last week he backtracked on that pledge. 'I said that in haste,' he said. 'A lot of people in the White House told me that that was a really stupid thing to say. So let me say that I can't imagine spending two years away from my wife and son again, the way I did this time. But besides that, who knows?'

"Translation: the Karl Rove Primary has begun—or at least Rove (and Bush) want the world to believe it has, if for no other reason than to dangle the possibility of help from (or the threat of opposition from) the Architect before the eyes of would-be GOP contenders and power brokers. 'The president will be a lame duck soon enough,' said a Republican strategist. 'He can't afford to let Karl be one, too." Indeed, being seen as 'close to Karl' is a sign among desperate Republicans of 'election' in an almost theological sense. All the more reason for Rove to be slow about taking sides. "He won't actually commit for years,' the strategist predicted."


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