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The intel-reform bill's provision on expanded wire-taps supposedly protects our civil liberties through a board appointed by Bush as reported by the New York Times :

"The civil liberties union said it was alarmed by several provisions in the bill, including those that would expand the government's wiretap authority, and by the limited powers given to the independent privacy and civil liberties board created under the legislation. The board, it said, 'risks becoming the proverbial fox guarding the hen house - the board would be appointed by the president, serve at his pleasure and have no subpoena power.'"

The C.I.A. memos about bad situation on the ground in Iraq reported in the New York Times while Bush speaks about elections and it taking time, a lot of time for democracy:

" "At the White House on Monday, President Bush himself offered no hint of pessimism as he met with Iraq's president, Sheik Ghazi al-Yawar. Despite the security challenges, Mr. Bush said, the United States continues to favor the voting scheduled for Iraq on Jan. 30 to 'send the clear message to the few people in Iraq that are trying to stop the march toward democracy that they cannot stop elections.' "

" ' The American people must understand that democracy just doesn't happen overnight,' he said. 'It is a process. It is an evolution. After all, look at our own history. We had great principles enunciated in our Declarations of Independence and our Constitution, yet, we had slavery for a hundred years. It takes a while for democracy to take hold. And this is a major first step in a society which enables people to express their beliefs and their opinions.' "

However, Rumsfeld thinks American troops will be out of Iraq in four years in this New York Times report:

"Defense Secretary Donald H. Rumsfeld indicated Monday that he expected American troops to withdraw from Iraq within four years, but he cautioned that any final decision hinged on the progress that Iraq's civilian government and security forces made by then."


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