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The Illustrated Daily Scribble is an ultra-current blog of my raw sketches about the day's news drawn on legal pads. I'll post new material here Monday through Friday. Yesterday's cartoon is now in the archive: HHS nominee, Mike Leavitt, puts on Alberto Gonzales over his vetting of Bernie Kerik. [ Archive ].

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Bernie Kerik's story has legs as revelations about his background continue. No doubt the White House would like it to go away. George W. Bush is supposed to have been very enthusiastic about Kerik having felt like the two had bonded. Karl Rove isn't one to rely on touchy-feely stuff like Bush does when he looks someone in the eye and sees his soul. Frances Townsend, Bush's adviser on Homeland Security, was a federal prosecutor in New York, but supposedly wasn't consulted about Kerik because she too had been under consideration for the spot. Also reported is that Kerik used an apartment that was for police to rest in from dealing with Ground Zero as a love nest that overlooked the scene. Joe Lieberman has reportedly turned down a Bush offer to run Homeland Security.

New York Times on Kerik's background and the Townsend reference; New York Times on love nest; CNN.com on Lieberman's refusal


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