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Critics of Donald Rumsfeld from both parties are emerging. However, the Bush team swears loyalty anew. Dick Cheney has been a work buddy of Rumsfeld for nearly a couple of decades and is likely his guardian angel at the White House.

Meanwhile, Karl Rove must be frustrated that he can't pull the get-rid-of-him quick routine that keeps the festering gossip to a minimum. Since Rove doesn't let George W. Bush admit mistakes, he can't have him fire Rumsfeld right now for fear of it being an admission that Bush has made a big mistake in the conduct of the war in Iraq. That would expand the Bush team's mistakes from the claim of WMD.

The last frame is, of course, a reference to the news that Donald Rumsfeld -- already accused of being a tad insensitive to soldiers -- has used a signing machine to sign condolence letters. He says he'll begin to sign them himself.

New York Times on rising criticism of Rumsfeld; Washington Post on Rumsfeld's not signing condolence letters;


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