Welcome to the Signed Prints for Political People store. When you purchase a quality, signed print of a Daily Scribble cartoon, you get the antithesis of a shopping-mall, chain- store product -- i.e., something unique.

Every cartoon in the Daily Scribble Archive is available as a signed print. The fee for a signed print is $29 including shipping by first class U.S. mail. E-mail me to arrange faster delivery. See simulated signed print and inscripted print.

I do have quantity price discounts: 5 to 9 prints are $25 each. 10 to 20 prints are $20 each. Contact me for larger- quantity discounts.

When I sign the print, I'll also add a personalized inscription on request. It'll be hand-lettered print style so it's readable before my unreadable signature.

The prints are much higher quality than you could print off the site. The print you're buying is a much higher resolution at 300 dpi (much crisper).

Each print is on glossy photo paper size 8.5 x 11 inches printed with Epson Durabrite ink and ready for framing. I've found that ready-made frames size 12X14 with and 8X10 matts work well. Note the images of the cartoons on the paper vary in size as they do on the site.

Though it seems obvious, l want to be certain that you know that the prints are not framed, and these are signed prints, not originals. However, they definitely are exellent for framing.
Steps for ordering prints

Fee per signed print is $29 which includes first class U.S. mail delivery. For faster shipping e-mail me. Texas residents must add 8.25% for sales tax. Quantity price discounts: 5 to 9 prints are $25 each. 10 to 20 prints are $20 each. Contact me for larger-quantity discount prices.

2. Select a cartoon to be printed from the Daily Scribble Archive.

3. Go to PayPal.com and use your credit card to send the purchase fee of $29 for each signed print to me at charles[at]lawcomix[dot]com.

4. Or order by mail with check or money order at Charles Fincher, P.O. Box 3020, South Padre Island, Tx 78597. Enclose your e-mail for confirmation purposes.

5. Describe the cartoon by date and/or description.

6. Set out any personal inscription you want, but try to keep it in the area of 10 words. I'll hand-letter this in upper-case printing style lettering before my signature. See simulated signed print and inscripted print.

7. You'll receive e-mail confirmation of your order within two days. If you don't get this, contact me as It means I didn't get your order.

8. I'll ship via first class, U.S. mail. If you need expedited shipping e-mail me to arrange it.

9. You'll receive an unframed, quality, signed print that definitely is suitable for framing.
Original & Custom Art

I do pen & ink and full-color caricatures of people. Morever, several of my political caricatures have been published in major daily newspapers. Go to Scribble Studios to see samples.

I can also do original custom cartoons for you. Both of these types of artwork make for "one of a kind" gifts or honors for someone, say, in your firm.

Fees for custom work begin at $350. E-mail me or call 956.761.7300 so we can discuss your project.

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